The Canterbury Tales: Part Deux is something I came up with after tiring of explaining to people that I hated blogging. See, when I told those around me that I was going to England for a Master's degree in Canterbury, they reacted in one of two ways:

1)  "Are you going to write some tales?!"

2) "Are you going to write a blog?"

Well, after deciding that I probably shouldn't attack people after making a Chaucer joke, and after losing friends because of comparing blogs to MySpace and Livejournal, I had a thought. Why couldn't I come up with something that would provide some basic understanding of just what it was I was up to across the Pond, yet wouldn't read like a confessional? Why not come up with a fictionalized version of what I was up to? All the important stuff--where I went, interesting people I met, commentary on the differences of how I was living life--would be there, but I'd have some fun with it. And then, of course, I fell pray to the siren song of Chaucer. I decided that I'd have a group of people who met at random, found they were going somewhere for a common goal--in this case, a slew of Master's degrees at the same University--and decided to tell each other stories every once in a while.

The result is the blog you're reading right now. As it stands, this is the longest I've spent with any group of characters, and it's provided a ton of material both for itself and other projects.

It used to update three times a week, but now it's sporadic.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do writing it. And, if not, there's a lot of libraries out there. Pick something up you will enjoy.