Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Stalker's Tale

Alan, Rebecca; 3549 Peacock Court, Nashville, Tennessee; 458-2391; 24 years old, brunette, brown eyes, likes her treadmill and her Husky puppy named Princess.

Alan, Sue; Not related to Rebecca of same surname; 919 Broadway, #4-A, Nashville, Tennessee; 919-2913; 30 years old, blonde, blue eyes, also likes her treadmill; works at Callahan’s Pub from 8 pm to 2 am.

Ames, Amy; 1000 Bob’s Road, Murfreesboro, Tennessee; 459-1920; 22 years old, red hair, green eyes; lives with ex-boyfriend; possible nymphomaniac.

Anderson, Ashley; 1242 Jefferson Davis Avenue, Cookeville, Tennessee; 876-1922; 26 years old, brunette, green eyes; originally from Chicago; likes wearing track shorts.

Anderson, Denise; 876 Jefferson Davis Avenue #B-2, Cookeville, Tennessee; 291-8192; 25 years old, brunette, blue eyes; drinks a lot, walks down dark paths.

Anderson, Rebecca; 712 Harkness Place #412, Nashville, Tennessee; 129-6834; 21 years old, blonde, brown eyes; probably fake hair color, member of Alpha Delta Pi.

Ascot, Becca; 5 Holly Circle, Big Rock, Tennessee; 776-9128; 18 years old, brunette, purple eyes [contacts]; listens to Coldplay, has two Dobermans.

Ayers, Anna; 16 Willows Avenue, Murfreesboro, Tennessee; 765-5462; 19 years old; brunette, green eyes; does not answer phone.

Baden, Lucy; 1890 Ridley Street, Smyrna, Tennessee; 655-1924; 20 years old; blonde, blue eyes; extremely gullible.

Baker; Anna; 87219 Baker’s Ridge Road, Antioch, Tennessee; 102-4102; 18 years old; blonde, green eyes; supremely stupid.

Baker, Becky; 19241 Old Hickory Boulevard, Franklin, Tennessee; 192-9210; 20 years old; brunette, hazel eyes, works for the Democratic Party.

Baker, Beverly; 8128 18th Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee; 828-1924; 21 years old; jet black hair, blue eyes; compulsively listens to “Wish You Were Here” while dressing in the morning.

Baker, Erin; 919 Hollisfield Place, Belle Meade, Tennessee; 919-8591; 27 years old; black hair, brown eyes; undresses in front of an open window.

Baker, Freida; 717 Marshfield Road, Nashville, Tennessee; 478-5555; 25 years old; brunette, blue eyes; has a golden retriever named Happy.

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