Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Sincere Apology to Anyone Who Reads This Blog

Hey there.

I'm aware I haven't made any updates for a while--sorry about that. In my defense, I have to get up before six in the mornings and get back home around eight nowadays, so I'm getting used to this newfangled adult-type schedule.

The next post will be, ah, edited more than usual. It concerns some individuals who... well, might not find things funny. So, I'll wait until certain predicaments have passed and repost the entry in its full, non-edited form. Trust me, it's good. It'll probably be your way at some point in the next couple of days if I can manage to get my laptop through London without it being stolen or broken.



  1. I guess that means people in Fiddler? Hahaaaa

  2. You kidding me? The amount of times I called Kane a schmuck in rehearsals, that makes you think I'd be worried about them?