Saturday, August 14, 2010

That Time of The Year

I woke up curled in the fetal position next to one of the Dumpsters outside of Darwin. This is not one of my favorite positions, and one that I shall do all in my power to avoid in the future.
I stood up and looked at the sky. It was pale. The sort of pale that said that the time was almost dawn. I looked around and shivered. There were no cars in the car park and the first of the morning commuters sped by in the road behind the building. I took out my mobile, looked at the time, and saw it was five in the morning.
Next, I checked the back of my neck and felt what seemed like a minor scar. I prayed that whoever kept slipping me hallucinogens would stop sometime soon. As interesting as being threatened by a minotaur was, there were other things I’d rather to do with my time.
I stood up and groaned and made my way back to the flat. When I arrived, Chacko stood at the opposite end of the hallway, staring out of the window facing the flat block opposite us. “Hey, Chacko,” I said. “What’s up?”
He turned around, holding a mug of steaming tea. He let loose a horrible stream of coughs. “Hi. I’m sick.” He walked up to me and coughed again. “How are you?”
I blinked and sighed. “Well, I’m sick now.”
“That is too bad. I am going to go drink Lemsip and watch a film.” He walked into his room, I did the same, got undressed, laid down, and started coughing.
“God damnit,” I said.
Yep, it was flu season.

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  1. I hate to say it, but the third to last paragraph makes it seem like you followed Chacko into his room. But other than that, yeah, fuck flu season.